Ageless Thanet: Free wellbeing activities helping to combat depression

Edward has taken up the ukulele

In society there is often an emphasis on the importance of being financially prepared for the retirement years, however what is often neglected is the need to plan for it emotionally. After retiring many people feel like they have lost their identity and struggle without the structured daily routine they had when they were in employment, which can often lead to feelings of low-mood and depression.

Edward McManus is one person who found that he was struggling with depression after retiring from his job as a Police Officer. He said: The depression started and built up over a two year period after I retired. The last case I worked on was incredibly difficult which left me in a bad way and not wanting to leave the house.”

After finding out about Ageless Thanet online, he decided to join one of their Wellbeing activities, aimed at reducing loneliness and improving mental and physical health in people over 50. Edward went along to an eight week ukulele group and while he found it difficult at times to go along, he thoroughly enjoyed it.

He said: “I’m happier in myself, my wife and family have seen such a difference in my life since going along to the activity. I now have more confidence, and I’ve joined a ukulele club at the Ageless Thanet Feelgood Factory on a Monday evening.”

Ageless Thanet will be running another free ukulele activity, starting at the end of January at Birchington Library. There are also other types of activities on offer such as art, healthy cooking, ballroom dancing, walking netball, quilting and more, in various locations around Thanet. Places are limited, so please call Ageless Thanet on 01843 296687 to book.