Court summons served on Travellers’ group in Ramsgate

The summons was served today Photo Chris Amos

A court summons has been served on a Travellers’ group currently encamped at the Marina Esplanade car park in Ramsgate.

Thenet council officers issued the court order today (December 11) for a removal hearing on Monday.

The group has been on site since December 4.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “Officers from Thanet District Council have visited the site today and a court summons was served to attend court on Monday.”

At the hearing the court will consider granting an order for removal; if granted this is then served on the occupants and gives them a date and time by which they must leave the land they are camped on.

If this order is not complied with then the council has to instruct bailiffs to forcibly remove them.

The total number of unauthorised camps in Thanet this year is above 50.

There have been calls for an authorised camp to be considered for the isle and the idea of Negotiated Stopping – a contract between mobile Travellers and councils that allow the Travellers to camp for up to three months on specified areas of vacant council land – has also been raised.


  1. How long do these court orders last for as it seems that no sooner they have to go, they come back again. Surely there must be some period of time stipulated so those people cannot return back? It seems a waste of resources getting court orders in these cases if they can just go from one car park to another, then a field or park, with court orders to remove being served each time. Something more permanent needs to be put in place.

  2. These groups of persons were highlighted by the BBC a couple of weeks ago on the Watchdog program. The pile of rubbish adjacent to their campsite confirms this. The environmental agency should be informed and all of the ‘travellers’ vehicles confiscated until the clean up bill has been recovered. We need to start dictating to so called travellers acceptable behaviour!!!!

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