CCTV of thief stealing from Broadstairs postman Ralph Lowdon goes viral

Ralph being filmed for Meridian about the theft from his Royal Mail cart

Police are investigating after a Broadstairs postman had his wallet and a package stolen while he was on his rounds.

Ralph Lowdon, 60, was outside SunDays tanning in The Broadway on Saturday (December 8) when he nipped across the road to deliver at the garage.

It was then that an opportunist thief, who had an accomplice, dipped into the trolley and pinched the items.

Dad-of-four Ralph said: “He clocked the trolley, ran across, nicked the stuff and then ran off down the road. My friend chased him in the van but couldn’t catch him.

“I reported to it to my manager. At first I thought it was just the parcel but about half an hour later I realised my wallet had gone too. They had a little spending spree on my card but they were caught in the act by the CCTV outside the shop.”

The CCTV from SunDays Tanning received a massive response when it was posted to facebook with more than 1,000 shares and numerous comments. Ralph was even filmed by Meridian TV after the station spotted the video. Due to the footage two names have now been passed to the police.

Ralph, who was due at his surprise 60th party at Lesters’ that night, had to fork out £229 for a new lock because his key and driving licence with his address were in the wallet.

The grandad-of-two said: “We are waiting to hear from the police now. I’m hoping they are caught and punished.”

Ralph, who began his career as a telegram boy aged 16 before moving to London, returning and buying Curzon Hotel in Broadstairs and then going back to Royal Mail 16 years ago, says people on his round have been “fantastic.”

He said: “People have been stopping me to see how I am. I still enjoy my job, I know everyone and community is really important. My wife has also been my rock, dealing with the bank and everything.

“I just hope we can get some of the stuff back.”

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police is investigating after a wallet was stolen from a post trolley in Broadstairs.

“The theft is reported to have taken place outside a business premises in The Broadway on Saturday 8 December at around 11am.

“Enquiries are ongoing. “