Margate faces Christmas tree woe yet again

The Cecil Square light up event last year Photo Carole Adams

Margate could be facing Christmas tree woe again this year after the group that were organising it have reportedly had to pull out, according to ward councillor Iris Johnston.

Cllr Johnston said she is now putting out an “11th hour” appeal for help but is “not hopeful.”

Last year a fundraiser was launched after it was revealed  there would be no Christmas tree in the square.

The town’s tree, which is funded by the Margate mayor and charter trustees, was earmarked for in the Old Town instead.

The decision followed a “shambolic” tree in 2016 that was put in place with just one string of lights.

The display was so appalling that local companies, including Falcon Electrical and Security Ltd, Off The Hook Productions,  DAM High Access, Goodwins Power Tools Margate, and CommunityAd Web Ltd, plus residents including schoolgirl Mia Kirkden got together to decorate and light the tree properly.

Last year Falcon Electrical & Security Limited, CommunityAd Web Ltd  and Off The Hook Productions stepped in again – raising funds for the tree, lights and installation.

Margate will still have Christmas trees at Turner Contemporary and in the Old Town.

The Margate Town team is also resolving decorative light updates on the High Street and there is a programme of events at Dreamland.

Cllr Johnston said: “Many of us appreciate seeing Cecil Square decorated and this is a big disappointment. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.”


  1. If people keep funding Margates christmas tree each year thanet council staff can keep having there christmas party, we pay our council tax so use some of that to pay for the tree . It’s always Margate that loses out .

      • Why shouldn’t thanet council fund it they don’t spend our council tax on anything else, what is wrong with the people in thanet they just lay down and roll over

  2. The other Towns have Town Councils who fund their lights and get constant feed back from some residents when they do.I don’t think there is much Christmas cheer over at Cecil Street, let alone council funded parties.
    If Margate wants to have proper decorative lights it needs to get a Town Council and join the community of more self reliant communities. Having a whip round might work sometimes but not every time.

  3. Bah Humbug! If the CEO and Deputy CEO (of TDC) would only get organised on this matter, it would solve the problem. Many excuses have been used previously:-
    Too close to the Mosque.
    No Money in kitty to finance it.
    Have to get electric supply from a streetlight.

    It goes on and on.

    However, The Charter Trustees ‘could’ pay for the tree.
    TDC ‘could’ arrange the electricity.
    The lights could be borrowed from,or, sponsored by Local specialists.

  4. How come the old town and the Turner can have a tree and lights where all the posh people go that can afford the prices in shops cafes etc , but the centre of Margate carnt absolutely disgusting , why do we even pay our community charge , only goes on the old town or round the Turner, the high street is dead , us normally people that work and live in Margate should have a tree in the centre provided for and paid for by the council , don’t put one in the old town or at the Turner instead put one where it should be , shame on TDC

  5. How is that Westgate can hold an event and run a Christmas Fayre including a Christmas light “switch on” when Margate, the Capital of Thanet can’t even sort out a Christmas tree with lights. Pathetic excuses which cover up an inept attitude to this whole saga. Ultimately it is a reflection on our town and us. TDC couldn’t organise a p¡§§ up in a brewery

  6. As mia Kirkdens mum the little girl who originally started all this, this is sad to read and mias not happy about it either its quite disappointing

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