Film company appeal for former Pegwell Hoverport worker or enthusiast to appear in documentary

The documentary will feature the hoverport site at Pegwell

A film company is appealing for a former Pegwell Hoverport worker or an enthusiast with connections to the site to feature in a new documentary.

Factory Films are producing a 30 minute, presenter-led documentary for BBC South East, celebrating Kent’s beautiful landscape, rich history, and local culture. The programme will be part of a collection of regional films for the BBC that give viewers an insight into the great walks they can do across England, all of which will include a river walk.

Led by a public figure, who is now also an established part of Kent’s farming community, the documentary will follow the route of the River Stour, from Ashford to Pegwell Bay – diverting to explore Kent’s unique stories and meeting a mix of locals along the way.

For the final stop off in Pegwell Bay, Factory Films is looking to feature a story on the Pegwell Bay Hoverport.

Beth Sabey, from Factory Films, said: “We are looking for an interviewee in the local area who used to work at the Pegwell Hoverport, or an enthusiast in the area who has a strong connection to the Hoverport when it was still in use.

“We would love for a contributor to join us at the old port, who can give our presenter an insight into its history and a flavour of what it was like when it was still in use.

“We would need our contributor to be available to film with us at Pegwell Bay in the afternoon on Wednesday, November 7. “

Hoverlloyd operated a cross-Channel hovercraft service between Ramsgate, and  Calais from 1966 to 1982. It operated four SR.N4 type hovercraft and was a rival to Seaspeed in Dover.

Hoverlloyd and Seaspeed merged in 1981, to create Hoverspeed with the Ramsgate service being withdrawn the following year.

Anyone interested in being involved in the filming for the documentary can email [email protected] or call 01273 646456.

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