Teen to appear in court, bikes seized and children moved on during Westwood dispersal order

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A 15-year-old boy from Ramsgate will appear in court charged with failing to comply with the dispersal order following a crackdown by police in Westwood.

The teenager was arrested and charged and more than 10 children spoken to by officers following reports of anti-social behaviour in the area.

A number of 48-hour dispersal orders were put in place between October 19-27 as part of work responding to concerns about nuisance cycling and disturbances caused in both the pedestrianised areas of the retail parks as well as Northwood Road, Star Avenue, Poorhole Lane and Westwood Road.

The dispersal orders give officers extra powers under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to tackle nuisance behaviour and order the culprits to leave the area. If they return to the area within a specified time, they can be arrested.

Bikes seized

During the week officers from the Thanet Community Policing Team with Police Community Support Officers dispersed 13 children aged between 12 and 16, and three bicycles were seized by officers for nuisance riding.

The 15-year-old boy from Ramsgate was released on bail and is due to attend youth court on November 26.


Sergeant Neil Fuller from Thanet Community Policing Team said: “We had received reports that a number of young people, some on bicycles, have been behaving in an intimidating way towards staff and shoppers, from running into businesses and damaging property, to riding in and out of traffic in a dangerous manner and even circling cars – forcing them to stop to avoid a collision.

“While we have no problem if young people want to be out on their bikes, this particular approach is concerning and puts both them and others at risk from injury.

“Our officers were patrolling the area during the week and spent time advising anyone behaving in such a way, that action will be taken to stop this anti-social behaviour.

“We have spoken to the parents of anyone stopped, and we are also working with schools so they are made aware if any of their pupils are involved.

“Fortunately the majority of young people in Thanet are well-behaved, and while they might be seen to congregate in groups, they do not cause any issues.

“But for those few who insist on causing a nuisance towards members of the public, I hope the results from over the last week send out a clear message that it will not be tolerated.”

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  1. The police need to stop being soft with these yobs, that’s what are just common pain in the rear yobs.
    All the stupid names the police use now is redicuious. Anti-social, dispersal orders. 48 hour orders???? What’s that about? A crime is a crime not just for 48 hours. No wonder the crime rate is so high when kids are allowed to treat the police and law with contempt.

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