Bach to the Future at Upton Junior School

Music at Upton

Music plays a large and important part of children’s creative development at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs.

A range of lunchtime and after school clubs offers pupils of all ages a wide range of styles and is open to anyone from beginners onwards.

Whether it is the choir, the rock band, the string group, ukulele and recorder clubs, or during the timetable music lessons, there is always encouragement for the young singers and players to get involved, learn and improve their skills, and have fun.

In recognition of its drive to bring music to its pupils, Upton has been invited to become a Music Mark School Member by Kent Music.

The invitation to Upton is from Rosie Saxton, Kent Music Membership and Events Administrator. In a letter to head of School Darci Arthur she said: “We would firstly like to thank you for all the hard work you and your colleagues do to ensure that pupils at your school are able to access and engage with a high-quality music education.

“Your dedication to offering and delivering a broad and balanced curriculum is both welcomed and celebrated.

“You have been nominated, and supported financially by Kent Music. They have recognised the value that you place on music and requested that you become a Music Mark School Member.

“Music Mark works to enable our members, and the wider music education sector, to deliver high-quality musical and social outcomes for all children and young people. Our thanks for all that you are doing and will continue to do to support our collective vision.”

Miss Arthur said: “The award underpins all the hard work our music teacher Peter Langridge and staff put in with the pupils, as well as the enthusiastic support the children receive from our families at shows and events in school and in the community.

“Music is an important part of life at Upton and we have a range of talented young ensemble, group, choral and solo performers who play at a variety of productions and shows throughout the year.

“Visits from professional companies like Kent Music are important and help reinforce our creative arts learning.”

Years 6 pupils Ted, Amelia, Willow and Sophie joined Mr Langridge to receive the certificate for the school.

They all play and sing in the school’s various music groups. Willow said: “I love music at Upton – it always puts a smile on my face,” while Sophie added: “Music can make you feel so many different emotions when your play it or sing. It is lovely.” Amelia said: “I have enjoyed music since I started in year 3 and it is my favourite lesson,” while Ted agreed and added: “It is awesome.”

A recent inspiring music workshop invited pupils to explore a range of home-made instruments.

The Bach to the Future roadshow delivered by Kent Music saw pupils introduced to the main four families of instruments – woodwind, strings, brass and percussion.

They were then shown home-made versions of the same instruments. This included using tubing and piping to replace a trombone, a bucket/pole and strong combo to act as a double bass, and straws to create a clarinet.

During the roadshow, pupils listened to a wide selection of music from rock to classical, film scores to pop.

Mr Langridge said: “The children joined in, singing along to well-known tunes and answering and asking questions of our three guests.

“They thoroughly enjoyed the event and hopefully many more of them will feel inspired to take up an instrument and begin playing.”