Bar and escape room plan for Broadstairs Lloyds bank building

Lloyds in Broadstairs Image Local Data Company

A former High Street bank in Broadstairs could be converted into a bar and escape rooms.

The Lloyds bank building  closed in July 2017 as part of cost-cutting measures.

A review of the branch was carried out by the Lloyds Banking Group who said there were just 30 regular weekly customers and 494 that used the branch on a monthly basis.

An application has now been made to Thanet council for permission to convert the property to a mixed use drinking establishment, escape rooms and the use of tables and chairs on the pavement outside.

A revised application, submitted on October 3, is being dealt with by John Elvidge Planning Consultancy.

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  1. Do we really need yet another eating place?, surely the property could be used for something better, like accommodation for the MANY living in bed and breakfast places, or some decent shops. We don’t all want Togo to Westwood cross where they seem to cater mostly for the young. Where can I buy underwear in Broadstairs?.

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