Lloyds Bank announces closure of Broadstairs branch

Lloyds in Broadstairs Image Local Data Company

Lloyds Bank in Broadstairs will close on July 17 as part of cost-cutting measures.

A review of the branch carried out by the Lloyds Banking Group says there are just 30 regular weekly customers and 494 that use the branch on a monthly basis.

It says the counters are 21% quieter than last year.

A statement says: “As a result of the way customers are choosing to use our branches, sometimes it is necessary to close, relocate or even open new branches.

“We offer a number of different ways to bank with us and even with these closures, 90% of Lloyds Bank customers will still have a usable branch within 5 miles of their home.”

The nearest branches for Lloyds customers will be in Ramsgate and Margate. The only remaining branch offices in the town will be Nationwide and the Co Op.

The closure is one of 100 branches of Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland outlets  across the country that will shut between July and October this year.

The reductions are part of a three year  plan.