Former Crown & Sceptre pub in Acol up for auction

The Crown & Sceptre pub

The former Crown & Sceptre pub in Acol is up for auction.

In October 2017 an application submitted to demolish the pub and build two homes in its place was refused.

The former Shepherd and Neame pub shut in May 2012. It was then put on the market for £240,000 but only one offer was received and that was later withdrawn.

In April 2013 it was sold for a sum below the original asking price but deemed unsuitable to open as a pub again.

Photo via David Redfern

The planning application from Toran Construction was vehemently opposed by many residents in the village.

Margate Civic Society objected to the “complete annihilation of the historic building.”

In January Thanet council served notice on the owner ordering them to carry out replacement and repair works to the roof and structure.

The building is currently in a poor state with the roof gone and weather damage inside.

Photo via David Redfern

The premises dates back to the 15th century.

Now the building is due to go under the hammer at a Clive Emson auction in Maidstone on October 29.

The property has a guide price of £150-160,000 plus fees.


  1. A complete fiasco from start to finish. The developer had no intention of ever converting the pub and having had planning permission to demolish it refused he now wants rid of it. The building is in a terrible state of repair due to his neglect and taking the roof off.

  2. I’m amazed that TDC have not followed through with enforcement notices, especially once the uk Planning Inspectorate sided with them back in July on TDCs refusal to allow the developer to demolish this valued historic building. What’s the point in only doing half the job. Now the developer is trying to avoid having to repair the damage that they deliberately caused. shameful all round. If it’s not already too late maybe TDC will finally take action.
    Also hope any potential buyer is not hoodwinked and knows this building is not for demolishing…Long live the Crown and Sceptre

  3. TDC have a reputation for planning enforcement not taking further action. Their enforcement action is too weak and often non existent. I am surprised it hasn’t yet burnt down to the ground.

  4. We need to see elected officials outside the Parish Council, who have long been agitating, get involved and stand up to demand a full inquiry into the way this whole planning matter and enforcement has been handled by council officials. They have been conspicuously silent…

  5. Tdc and it’s band of brothers has not been fit for purpose for years, just look how much money they have spent on units at pyson industrial estate, some have been empty for year.

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