RAPS Topic programme starts at Ramsgate Arts Primary

New projects at Ramsgate Arts Primary

A new-look learning programme is underway to mark the start of the new school year at Ramsgate Arts Primary.

The RAPS Topic provides a new approach for the school when teaching foundation subjects including science, geography, history, art and design technology.

It will replace the existing ‘international primary curriculum’ and will bring “a fresh approach towards learning for our children,” said deputy head teacher Hanna Beech who is leading the project.

She said: “Each school term, year groups will have their own specific topic which they will explore in depth. While the topic’s focus will be based around a specific subject, for example history, it will embrace all facets of our curriculum to give an exciting, subject-rich learning experience.

“Topics are begun with an Art To Start activity that explores the relevant theme through the arts, which is our school speciality.”

Topics across the school are varied and interesting including Earth and Beyond, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds and Eco-Warriors.

Mrs Beech said: “Topics will have core facts and information as a strong cornerstone but pupils will also explore subjects widely to give them a broad knowledge base.”

“The key to our new topic-based curriculum is enabling pupils to develop knowledge of themselves and the wider world. They will have opportunities to make links between knowledge across subjects, themes and even year groups, meaning their overall learning will be connected and engaging.”

Each RAPS Topic will be further brought to life by workshops with visiting specialists and by educational visits. A topic finale will involve pupils leading a presentation to parents highlighting what they have learned and discovered.

This is the first major initiative driven by Mrs Beech who joined RAPS towards the end of last school year. She said: “Ramsgate Arts Primary is an energising place to work. It has been an exciting opportunity for me to join the RAPS team and I am proud to be part of a specialist primary school, which values and promotes the arts whilst keeping learning at the heart of all it does.

“The new curriculum is just the start of a series of initiatives we are planning for the year ahead. As a new school, we are in fantastic position to create bespoke initiatives, which will enable our pupils to thrive across all subjects.”