A new mural outside Dreamland celebrating Margate Pride has been defaced

Scrawl: The mural has been written on

A new mural installed outside Dreamland this week to celebrate Margate Pride has already been defaced.

The artwork, created by LGBTQ+ artist Hizze Fletcher as part of a project with Netflix, is one of several installed across the country to celebrate Pride events.

But vandals have already scrawled comments about UKIP and White Lives on the artwork.

The Margate Pride mural Photo John Cripps

Hizze created the mural, sited outside ‘Godden’s Gap,’ using a blend of techniques including acrylic, paint, paste and pens.

Dreamland has been informed of the damage.


  1. Lets hope Godden’s Gap is built upon soon to avoid anymore controversy. Thanet District Council has failed the people of Margate allowing this derelict site to lay untouched for over 15 years!

  2. are we not sure it was in retaliation to the black lives matter graffiti, but there’s no mention of that is there? nope just white people and UKIP, got it. bias news, cool.

    in every single you tube video where it’s ok to be white or white lives matter is usually in response to Black lives matter being sprayed everywhere. or when someone then sprays ALL LIVES MATTER over the top.

  3. It is very simple ,Not all People get on .And that place needs more than gay pride propaganda .All lives matter ,Not just gays or straights or whites or blacks .Mulicultural England is a mess.And that proves it .

    • Perhaps multicultural England is “a mess” because not enough people – whatever their point of view – are not doing enough to prevent making a “mess” in the first place.NO ONE is extra special just because of their ethnicity or sexuality,whatever that may be.More tolerance from everyone would seem to be the best way forward.

  4. It will take more than one knuckle dragger with a marker pen to ruin Gay Pride.. Thanet Far right – what a joke, traitors When you think about it, betraying everything millions of British people died for. Didn’t take long after that brave generation passed away for the Nazi’s to rear their heads again. Cowards never win, oppressors never triumph…. My heart goes out to all the local homophobes, it’s ok, there’s help lines to help you come to terms with your sexuality, no need to vandalise a mural petal, HAPPY GAY PRIDE!

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