Chilton pupils get recycling to create fashion and fish

Chilton pupils made outfits and colourful hats

A playground fashion parade saw a variety of colourful outfits created from recycled material on show.

Pupils at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate made their own designer hats and tops from their old clothes and materials such as plastic bags.

The Year 2 children have been exploring the many different types of materials that people use for a variety of reasons. The topic has also covered recycling and the environment, and the need to ensure that products used in everyday life are disposed of properly.

The six and seven year olds were also invited to be the first Thanet primary school to join in with the Arts In Ramsgate Festival.

Deputy Head of School Natalie Barrow said: “We were very excited that Chilton was chosen to be part of this important festival that celebrates the arts in our town.

“The theme we worked on was the problems caused by dumping plastic in the ocean, which is something our children are very aware of as part of their lessons.”

Arts in Ramsgate donated two willow-framed giant fish which pupils decorated with all sorts of plastic waste to highlight the danger posed to maritime life by plastic and other dumped materials.

Pupils also made their own colourful hats out of recycled materials depicting sea creatures.

Chilton’s recycled fish formed part of the Arts for Ramsgate entry in the town’s annual carnival on Sunday; and the fish, together with pupils, parents and staff, will be joining in the festival’s own parade through the town centre to the harbour on Sunday, July 29, from 4.30pm.