Margate RNLI crew hit the dance floor

Margate RNLI crew in action Photo I Mambo Margate

Margate’s volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew recently took to the dance floor (the station’s boat hall) to demonstrate some ‘smart moves’ in support of the town’s ‘I Mambo Dance Project’.

When local production company Round in Circles first invited Margate’s volunteer lifeboat crew to participate in its community dance project film I Mambo Margate, it was felt this special group of men and women who regularly face danger to save lives at sea may not perhaps find it their cup of tea – instead they relished the challenge.

The cast Photo I Mambo Margate

After being shown the moves of the dance (made famous by films such as Dirty Dancing and West Side Story) by the real experts they put on a performance for the cameras. The dramatic backdrop of the town’s lifeboat and the crew’s protective clothing made a colourful scene for the film which premiered recently at Turner Contemporary next to the lifeboat station.

I Mambo Margate is a community dance participation film aimed at inspiring local pride in Margate and bringing communities together. It involved eight community groups in Cliftonville/Margate participating in three workshops where they were taught Mambo-inspired dance routines before being filmed.

Photo I Mambo Margate

Peter Barker, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, Margate Lifeboat said: “As a group we are somewhat out of sight behind our friends next door at Turner Contemporary, so this was a welcome opportunity to send the message to the public that we are your lifeboat and very much part of the local community. We still have to decide who will be named ‘rubber-legs’, snake-hips’ and ‘jelly-roll’ after more famous artists from the past and we thank the group and wish them well.”