Police seize motorbike in Margate after ‘antisocial’ driving warning

The bike has been seized

A 46-year-old man had his motorbike seized by Kent Police after ignoring a warning about the way he was riding the vehicle.

On Tuesday (12 June) officers on patrol witnessed  the bike being driven in a “careless” anti-social manner in Cecil Square, Margate.

A seizure warning was issued under section 59 of the Road Traffic Act. A short time later the man was again seen by a local PCSO on patrol riding in an inappropriate way.

His bike was immediately seized and he will be required to pay for its recovery.

Chief Inspector Rhiannan Pepper, from the Thanet Community Safety Unit, said: ‘This type of anti-social behaviour can be extremely dangerous and cause a lot of distress for local residents. It is completely unacceptable for motorcyclists to ride in such a careless and inconsiderate manner.

“This man was given a chance to change his behaviour but chose to ignore the caution and has now had his bike seized.

“We know that the majority of bike owners ride sensibly and considerately but this should act as a warning to those who do not. We have the power to seize, and in some cases destroy a vehicle at any time where the motorist is causing a nuisance.

“I would like to take this opportunity to reassure residents that all reports of anti-social behaviour are taken seriously and measures to tackle anti-social bikers will continue to be enforced.”

Do you want to make a report of anti-social driving?

To make a report to police call 101 or report online. If you can, note down the registration number of the vehicle. If another vehicle was used to transport it please note down that registration number too.

If you know the name or address of the driver make sure you pass that information  when you call.

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