Emergency services called after woman falls from Margate’s harbour arm

Margate RNLI rescued the woman after her fall Photo Ian Driver

A multi-agency response was launched last night (May 28) after a woman fell around 7 metres from the Margate Stone Pier -harbour arm – on to the mud below.

UK Coastguard received a request for assistance from South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMB) around 8pm  after it responded to the call. Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was tasked to assist. Margate’s Coastguard Rescue Team and Kent Police were also alerted.

Although the tide was out at the time, the inshore lifeboat was taken to the scene on its trailer and members of the  crew, along with additional RNLI support, were able to assist paramedics who were attending the injured woman.

At the request of SECAMB the lifeboat crew managed to get the woman into the lifeboat on its trailer and she was transferred to a waiting ambulance on the harbour slipway. She was then taken hospital as a precaution.

It is believed the woman was sitting on the railings when she fell.


Ian Lowe, Deputy Launching Authority, Margate Lifeboat, said: “Those involved faced a tricky situation given the inaccessibility of the location and unstable ground conditions. While not a seagoing incident as such, the volunteer crew were able to provide support in an environment they are familiar with.

“Similar falls from the harbour have proved to be fatal and we urge everyone to be conscious of their surroundings and be aware of the dangers around them.”

A Kent Police spokesman confirmed officers had been called to the incident, adding: “The woman reported minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.”

Safety railings

Last July Thanet council installed safety railings and lighting on the pier. The work followed  a campaign after two serious accidents and the death of a man at the site.

Kim Marchant, 57, died in 2015 after falling from the end plinth during high winds.

The shock incident came just days after a cyclist fell into the harbour and needed hospital treatment.

One year before, Broadstairs-based comedian Trevor Neal’s daughter Carys, who was 17 at the time, had to be airlifted to a London hospital after falling into the harbour and being rescued by residents and the RNLI.

She suffered a serious head injury but has since recovered. A woman was also rescued the same year after falling from the harbour during New Year’s Eve celebrations.


    • Hmmm . . . so everybody stood by and watched and took photos – but nobody attempted to stop it or call the Police as these idiots were putting their lives in danger.

      I am not sure who is more blameworthy here . . .

  1. Any building area which has sea surrounding it is a danger. So the railings and warnings should have been put in as soon as any activity/ foot traffic was going to walk onto it. It should have been the first safety measure. The bars selling alcohol was certainly another warning sign for railings to be erected and added warning signage to be put at this point too. It is by its very nature a dangerous spot but add the bars to the mix it’s even more of a danger as alcohol blurrs perception and physical responses. The railings have now been added but more measures need to be added to prevent accidents and fatalities.

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