Dane Court student expelled and arrested over MDMA drug dealing at school accusation

Dane Court Grammar School

Parents of pupils at Dane Court grammar in Broadstairs have been informed today (May 10) that a male Sixth Form student has been expelled, and arrested, accused of dealing drug MDMA at the school.

A text was sent out today to inform families of the action taken by the school, which is part of the Coastal Academies Trust. All students have also been spoken to about the incident which took place last Friday.

The message to parents states: “At the end of last week, we received information that one of our students had brought in drugs to sell to other people. That student clearly didn’t care about their own education; they didn’t care about breaking the law, and they didn’t care how much danger they were putting other people in.

“The student was caught very quickly, and was dealt with, by both the school and the police. They have been arrested and charged by the police, and they are no longer a student at this school.

‘Drugs wreck lives’

“Senior members of staff have spoken to all students in school today. We have told them, very clearly, that there can be no place in this school community for drugs, or for people who use or deal in drugs. Drugs wreck lives, and we will always act, decisively, to protect our students. Anyone who brings drugs into school jeopardises their place at this school.

“We have also encouraged our students, your children, to speak to an adult if they are concerned, either for themselves or for others. We can assist students in getting help. Any information we receive will be dealt with swiftly, but also confidentially and sensitively.”

Paul Luxmoore

Coastal Academies Trust chief executive Paul Luxmoore said: “I am pleased the school has been really firm and clear about this and I hope the community will support this view. We do not tolerate drugs in our schools and the student is no longer a member of the school.”

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police officers attended Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs, at 3.10pm on Friday 4 May and arrested an 18-year-old man on suspicion of possession with intent to supply MDMA.

“He was released on bail until 23 May.”


  1. Well done Dane Court for dealing with the matter promptly and effectively – and for being brave enough to publicise the matter.

    Unfortunately, drug problems exist in all schools but hopefully this direct action will deter others.

  2. Hopefully he can sort his life out. If not, now he doesn’t need to go school, so more time for drug dealing.

  3. such a young life well done danecourt for cleansing our school of drugs hopefully noone will try and deal a weed mrs towse is always watching for the weeds

  4. I know the guy he went to my old school. He was expelled for drugs there, he was also an arrogant and sadistic person.
    He made fun of my friend who was going to shave her head for cancer charity, then after finding our her stepmum had cancer, he tried to get her in trouble after she slapped him for what he said.
    This arrest is Karma at it’s finest.

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