East Kent Hospitals welcome 13 new midwives

New midwives have been recruited to East Kent hospitals

Thirteen midwives have been recruited to East Kent hospitals,which includes Margate’s QEQM, following a large number of applications from candidates wishing to work for the Trust.

Chief Nurse and Director of Quality Sally Smith said: “All of the candidates had an awareness of our Birthing Excellence Success through Teamwork (BESTT) transformation programme and told us that the reason they had applied was due to the positive feedback they’d received about maternity services and the Trust.

“For our staff receiving such positive feedback from these new midwives demonstrates the hard work and commitment in supporting our future midwives. Each day they strive to make East Kent Hospitals a great place to work.”

Applicants from outside the area cited East Kent Hospitals’ social media pages as good sources to access up-to-date information about maternity services.

Many of the recruits were students who had trained within the Trust and who had praised the support and mentoring they’d received throughout their training and the ‘preceptorship programme’.

A preceptorship is a structured period of transition for the newly qualified nurse, midwife or allied health professional when they start employment in the NHS.

During this time, he or she should be supported by an experienced practitioner (a preceptor), to develop their confidence as an independent professional, and to refine their skills, values and behaviours. Having expert support and learning from best practice in dedicated time gives a foundation for lifelong learning and allows nurses to provide effective patient-centred care confidently.

East Kent Hospitals’ Head of Midwifery Ursula Marsh said: “I’m pleased to welcome the new midwives to the maternity team. They will be embarking on a wonderful career working with exceptional individuals and teams. Thank you to everyone who continues to support our students and newly-qualified midwives. This makes a significant impact on their experiences and for our future recruitment of new staff.”