Bromstone pupils join the rock hunting craze in Thanet

Decorated rocks created at Bromstone Primary School

Pupils at Bromstone Primary School in Broadstairs have joined the rock hunting craze.

The youngsters in Year 3 have been working with teacher Natalie Stapley to create more than 150 rocks decorated with predators and inspirational quotes.

Ms Stapley said: “For our topic this term, we are learning all about predators. In art we have been drawing various predators and we decided to paint some rocks and put them in their natural habitats out in the open around Thanet.

“We have also decorated other rocks. We now have the ‘bug’ and have incorporated a positive quote, the schools vision, Dream, Believe, Achieve, on the other rocks.

“There are a total of over 150 rocks that we will hiding over the next few weeks.”

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  1. I remember doing this years ago, what wonderful creations came forth, kept one that was done of my old cat xx

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