Charges for replacement recycling bins and bags start on Monday

Charges start April 30 Photo flickr Will Thomson

Charges for replacement recycling bins and bags will come into force on Monday (April 30).

Thanet council says it can no longer afford to provide them for free, adding: “Due to significant cuts from Central Government the council has to make significant savings and therefore can no longer afford to provide this service for free.”

Charges for waste containers (black bins) were brought in last year. The new charge will cover all recycling containers.

Payment will also have to be made to replace containers/bags that have been lost, damaged or stolen. Repairs, rather than replacement, can be made free of charge.

Thanet council says the prices cover costs only and do not provide the authority with a profit.

They also say if the damage is caused by binmen the replacement will be free of charge.

The authority also says waste put out in black bags, without a container, will not be collected and the responsible resident could be served with a Section 46 notice warning them to use the proper bins. Failure to do so could result in a  fixed penalty notice or even prosecution.

Replacement recycling and waste bins can be ordered over the phone using a credit or debit card, or in person using card or cash in The Gateway, Cecil Street, Margate. Bins can no longer be picked up from Broadstairs or Ramsgate Town Council offices.

To buy a new bin or to request a bin repair, contact the customer services team on 01843 577115.

All prices (reviewed annually):

Black 180Ltr refuse container£38
Black seagull proof bag£10
Brown food caddy£9
Silver kitchen caddy£8
Red paper and card bag£8
Red 240Ltr Paper and Card container£48
Blue Mixed Recycling container (box)£9.50
Blue 240Ltr Mixed Recycling container£48

For communal properties:

Black 180Ltr refuse container£38
Black seagull proof bag£10
Brown food caddy£9
Silver kitchen caddy£8
Red paper and card bag£8
Red 240Ltr Paper and Card container£48
Blue Mixed Recycling container (box)£9.50
Blue 240Ltr Mixed Recycling container£48
Brown 180 Ltr food caddy£38
360 Ltr red/blue container£55
940 Ltr Chamberlain metal container£325
1100 Ltr metal container£425

For more information  call 01843 577115


  1. I wonder why we bother paying council tax it’s a joke when the dustmen throw them about and break them

  2. I understand about budget cuts, so something has to give. This is ultimately down to inadequate central government funding. However the council will win most ways now as some disreputable people will steal other peoples bins and bags (which are pricey). Some won’t be able to pay for another bag/ bin so will either recycle at a recycling point (if this is indeed possible) when practical, or they won’t recycle at all. So TDC will have fewer collections to make which will suit them but ithe council won’t be pleased when their income is reduced from a reduction in income from selling our recycling overseas. It’s a far from ideal situation and again regular people will suffer the most. It could also seriously exacerbate our litter and flytipping issues in Thanet. It is a hard situation to manage effectively to suit all parties.

  3. I agree . My blue bin and brown bin have been damaged by the dustmen or whatever we are supposed to call them now Also I am a regular elderly swimmer . Our annual swimming fee has gone up from £69 last year to £126 this year. I suppose this is what’s going to happen now we are a third world country.

  4. It’s the dustmen who damage them throwing them back in the gardens because they do not have the time to return them. If these exsorbitan fees are charged when lost or damaged more than ever will get stolen.

  5. Bins damaged by binmen are replaced free – but try proving it! I’ve read many Facebook posts telling of binmen throwing bins around and have seen it myself. They’re in a hurry and leave rubbish in the road and throw bins back in the vague direction of the houses they belong to.

  6. Central government cuts are the problem. I don’t think this measure is going to improve the litter problem we already have in Thanet.

  7. I have just brought a house. It has a blue and black bin but the brown bin and red bag are missing presumed stolen. Don’t see why I have to pay when I’m literally only just moving into the house.

  8. Does this now mean if we have to pay for any replacements they will belong to us legally, as they happen to say property of Thanet District Council on the bins? They can’t have it both ways can they? What sort of service is this?
    And no Chris, they say if you leave black sacks out they will not be collected in future. There is a lot of arm-twisting for your cash in the process here. Looks like the streets of Thanet are just going to get a lot more messier now. Great logic TDC.

  9. The next thing we will have to take our only waste to the tip sweep the roads cut the grass the list is endless but charges keep going up .why should the people of thanet pay for parking , for visitors lets have a park and ride this way it would cut down on wear and tear in thanet and help local people to park .l think this idea would also work at westwood cross too .

  10. Bin men missed our black bin. Informed council, did nothing, so the following time they were due for collection they didn’t collect them all cos they were not all in the appropriate bin!!!!! So what are we supposed to do, does anyone know please? Thanks

  11. I reported that my black bin wheels had been damaged a year ago to thanet council , and nobody has been to repair it !

  12. After today’s weather, plenty of red bags will probably be blown away never to be seen again – council should waive fees for replacements when our fierce east coast weather blows at gale force.

  13. Well that’s put paid to the paper recycling. The red bags require replacing annually due to UV damage causing them to deteriorate and fall apart.

    I’m not prepared to pay an additionally £8 for an inferior product when this next happens, so y recycling will go into the normal waste bin. I take pride in doing what I can for the environment but why should we all be punished for trying to do our bit?

    I thought the council sold the recycled materials they collected and that which is taken to the local recycling centres?

    I did have a spare blue recycling wheelie bin that I painted the top red and used for paper/card which was great for 18 months until a new bin man (jobs worth) turned up telling me I was a nonconformist and refused to empty it. So until we collected a new bag, all paper/card went into the normal waste bin.

  14. Moved into new house .
    No red bag
    No black bag
    No normal waste
    Or food waste bin

    Im not paying for bins
    So il just leave black sacks in street.
    If no 1 collect the seagulls and rats can do the councils job

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