Couple open Margate store in bid to offer bargain vintage clothing and reduce landfill

SJ and Oscar have opened Margate Superstore at The Centre

Vintage clothes from as little as £1 are on offer at a new thrift store in Margate whose owners are determined to reduce clothing going to landfill.

The Margate Superstore in The Centre was opened this month by Sarah-Jane Cook, best known as SJ, and Oscar Lowton.

The couple, both 35, made the move to Margate six months ago after being ‘squeezed out of London.’

SJ has a background in  architecture and fashion while Oscar’s experience is also fashion and vintage wear.

They both have other fashion-related businesses and have run pop up shops over the last 5 years.

Margate Superstore is their first joint project born from a love and appreciation of quality retro design from the 80s and 90s.

SJ said: “We love Margate, the vibe and the air of creative freedom here. We decided to move from London like a lot of people our age who feel like they’ve been squeezed out. We both reached a bit of a brick wall in London in terms of us wanting to continue our own businesses and start our joint venture.

“It’s refreshing to be somewhere new where there is energy and opportunity. Every week we see something new opening which is incredibly heart-warming and encouraging.

“We spent 6 months living in Margate to get a feel as to what could be needed here and luckily we worked out it’s something we are experienced in -a colourful thrift store offering fresh vintage fashion at bargain prices.”

The couple say the aim of the shop is to provide affordable vintage clothing but also to play a part in reducing landfill of chucked out clothes.

SJ said: “We are on a mission to reduce clothing waste and provide good quality jazzy clothing at affordable prices.

“From both of our previous experience in fashion, design and vintage sourcing we have learned there is so much good quality, awesome designed clothing from the last three decades that should be celebrated and enjoyed.

“The trend for disposable, low quality fashion is incredibly damaging with millions of tonnes of clothing entering landfill in the UK yearly. We decided we wanted to stop adding to this and focus our time on providing an outlet for the people of Margate and visitors to enjoy and join in rescuing quality clothing from going to landfill.

“We aim to provide the jazziest clothing at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy fashion and have fun expressing themselves.

“Our prices start at £1 for quality clothing, including brands, so there are some proper bargains to be found! We also donate our surplus stock to designated charities and aim to carry out kilo sales once we are more established to ensure none of our stock goes to waste.

“Our aim is to serve the local people of Margate first and hopefully become a destination for visitors who want to bag a bargain.

“We wanted to create a shop with affordable thrift shop prices for everyone, where we can become part of the community as well as a positive addition to Margate’s growing reputation as a creative, arts and vintage destination.

“We have enjoyed an amazing welcome so far from locals and visitors across a broad spectrum which has been very encouraging. Its lots of fun meeting new interesting customers and visitors.”

Margate Superstore is at 16 The Centre, next door to Peacocks, and is open from 10.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Find the store on facebook here