A ‘sink hole’ has appeared in a road at Newington

The sink hole at the Queens Avenue junction Photo Anthony Thorne

A road in Newington will be shut for a week after a ‘sink hole’ appeared.

Kent County Council said the ‘void’ has opened at St James Avenue in the carriageway at the junction with Queens Avenue.

Photo Anthony Thorne

Police were called at 3.23pm to a report of the sink hole and are at the scene to assist with a road closure.

Photo Emie Price

Kent Highways tweeted a warning for motorists to drive with caution in the area.

Photo Anthony Thorne

They said: “Ramsgate, Queens Avenue: Reports of a large sinkhole in the carriageway at the junction with St James Avenue, emergency services and a KCC representative en-route but please approach with caution.”

Photo Natalie Sharp

Motorist Natalie Sharp said she reported the road was dipping last night after driving over the area in her Fiat 500 and hearing a loud noise.


  1. No chance of someone on the team taking an actual picture of the sink hole rather than google streetview?

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