Plans submitted to renovate and redevelop Millmead shop

The store in Cowley Rise Photo Gary Hillman

Plans have been submitted to Thanet council to renovate and redevelop the Domingoes store in Millmead.

Land owner Malwai Nijar plans to  renovate the store, create a food takeaway and build six two-bed apartments on the Cowley Rise site.

He said: “ The off licence on Cowley Rise is a vital amenity for the community of Dane Valley, I have visited on several occasions over the last six months.

“The condition of the building and interior has deteriorated over the years, attracting antisocial behaviour, which I don’t think is acceptable. I believe there is a very good opportunity to redevelop, providing a major renovation of the convenience store, bring it up to current standards to ensure it appeals and provides a better service to the local community.

“At the same time, we propose bring a hot food take away to Dane Valley which I think there is a need for.

“At the moment the building is of a poor design with different elevations of single and double. A part of our plan is to redevelop the remainder of the site, with 6 generous sized apartments all having 2 bedrooms, and provide nice landscaped communal areas, bike store and bins store.

“We believe what we propose improves the amenities for the local community. We also believe that the new significantly improved building will reduce anti-social behaviour, provide more work opportunities for local people in the new businesses and provide good quality housing locally.”

Ward councillor Gary Hillman (pictured above looking at the plans) said: “ We welcome the redevelopment of this property, along with the Dane Valley Arms, to bring much needed investment to the area.”

The former Dane Valley Arms is earmarked homes and a micropub.

Last October KSD Group Ltd & Coldunell Ltd submitted an application to create 10 flats, seven houses, ground floor micropub and associated parking at the site in Dane Valley Road.

The pub was demolished in December 2016 after Thanet council served notice due to its unsafe condition.

The Dane Valley arms application is awaiting decision and the Domingoes store submission is currently being validated.


  1. About time they did something to that shop, the shop stinks cant use it any more the place is overrun with boxes and smells funny.

  2. Why have the authorities allowed this shop to get away without making any adjustments, providing disabled wheelchair access or even handrails on those steps, or even making it safe in store for the disabled to shop without danger of accident. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, now succeeded by the Equality Act 2010 made it law that small and medium sized businesses must make reasonable adjustments to their premises so they do not discriminate against disabled customers. Why has this shop managed never to be enforced by the law?

  3. The owner tried an application in 1996/97 to open a takeaway shop in place of the store and despite mounted opposition, permission was granted at the public meeting – and it was passed by Councillors who didnt live in Margate or the area! From Westgate, Birchington and Westbrook, however the owner decided not to proceed at the time, so now over 20 yrs later – will he need to reapply or will it just “Roll Over.”

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