Reporting ban on prison sentence of former councillor jailed for theft is lifted

Helen Smith's sentence can be revealed now the case against Konnor Collins has been dropped

A court order banning the publication of a prison sentence imposed on a former Thanet councillor has been lifted.

Former councillor Helen Smith was found guilty on September 8 on charges of theft of £847 worth of goods, assault and dangerous driving.

She was sentenced to 5 months in prison on September 22 but publication was banned until the trial of her co-defendant Kevin (Konnor) Collins had taken place.

It has now been confirmed that the banning order is lifted following an appeal from court reporter Paul Hooper and the CPS has discontinued the theft case against Mr Collins after a series of hearings were postponed due to his ill health. A not guilty verdict has been recorded.

The offences took place in April 2015 at Wyevale Garden Centre in Ramsgate. The court heard that after attempting to leave the store without paying Smith then got in her car and hit a company vehicle and a member of staff, causing an ankle injury.

Smith had denied the charges.

Ms Smith, 54, of St John’s Avenue in Ramsgate, and Mr Collins were previously Thanet councillors for Northwood ward. They were elected on a UKIP ticket in 2015, but stood down in June 2016 following revelation of the charges, which were served by post on September 17, 2015.


  1. Correction on above statement!
    They were elected as UKIP Councillors in May 2015, but quit to form their own Party which was named D.I.G.(Democratic Independent Group) later that year.
    Therefore, when charged, they had no connection to UKIP.
    I like to keep the facts correct.

    • Their connection to UKIP at that time was that they were elected as UKIP Councillors previously. Therefore when charged this was the connection they had with UKIP.

      You posted this comment on 13th April. On 17th April you didn’t post a comment here but it doesn’t mean you now have no connection with this comment.

      Just because something is in the past and not the present it does not mean that there is no connection to the present.

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