Body of pup found at Fulsam Rock

The pup was found at Fulsam Rock by a dog walker

The body of a puppy has been found on Fulsam Rock, behind Turner Contemporary.

The female Bulldog, though to be between four and six months old, was discovered by a woman dog walker this afternoon (April 11).

The pup, who was on seaweed close to the Antony Gormley ‘Man’ sculpture, was taken to the vets by the Thanet dog warden.

The dog’s chip is thought to be registered to a breeder in Yorkshire.

A member of the Missing Dogs and Strays in Thanet group, which frequently helps owners search for lost pets, said the pup did not appear to be injured or have been in the water for any length of time.

They added: “The dog warden attended and took the puppy to the vets and will contact the number on the chip.”

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  1. Poor little thing. I hope the owner is found by the information on it’s chip.
    I am left wondering if it strayed or whether something sinister caused it to come to grief there.

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