Rail bosses issue warning after footage emerges of young teens crossing live track at Broadstairs

A still from the footage by Sarah Parker shows the youngsters down by the track

Network Rail has issued a warning against crossing live train tracks after a short piece of footage emerged of three youngsters on the line at Broadstairs yesterday (March 5).

Shocked resident Sarah Parker was having a snapchat conversation with her sister at about 1.20pm when she caught the three, thought to be around 13 years old, crossing the live rail.

The Co-Op manager said: “ I was just on snapchat my sister when I saw it and I was pretty shocked!”

Sarah has reported the incident to Southeastern and British Transport Police.

In 2004 12-year-old Kayleigh White died on the same stretch of track after slipping on the live rail while crossing to talk to someone.

The Margate youngster’s uncle had previously died in a similar incident.

In 2009 talented Chatham House pupil Ben Lavender died after stepping on the live rail at Westgate.

The 17-year-old had been attempting to cross over to friends on the opposite platform.

A spokesman for Netwrork Rail said: “These pictures are disturbing, particularly as a person was killed crossing the tracks at Broadstairs station in recent memory.

“Crossing a live railway means stepping over two deadly live rails, carrying 750volts of electricity, and running the risk of being hit by a train.

“Young people often think they won’t be hurt, but sadly our staff know only too well what can happen when they run terrible risks like this.

“There is no reason to trespass, so please don’t.”

Report incidents of people on the track here


  1. It a shame to see that still these youngsters don’t seem to be educated with the dangers of crossing live railway tracks. I understand this is happening on a daily basis at Broadstairs which is shocking to hear. The station also leaves a gate open which gives direct access to the platform and rails. This is also a danger and should be closed when staff are on duty. A sign put up stating not to trespass on the railways is just not good enough, they must make practicable efforts to stop trespassers. There are too many killed on the lines at Broadstairs, Westgate and Herne Bay, and we all know someone who knows someone who has lost a child through touching the live rails. More needs to be done to dissuade kids from mucking about or running across the tracks.

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