Police issue ‘cold caller’ warning after Ramsgate incident

Kent Police

Kent Police has issued a warning following a report of a bogus caller in Ramsgate.

A man called on a householder in the Winterstoke Way area at 4.30pm yesterday (March 5).

Inspector Lara Connor of the Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “The man offered to carry out work to the occupant’s paving and roof, then asked if he lived alone and whether he could enter the house.

“The occupant repeatedly said no and the man eventually left. But he was described as being ‘pushy’.”

Inspector Connor said the occupant did exactly the right thing by turning the man away: “We would always advise people not to buy at the door and never to let people they don’t know into their home.”

Make checks

If a trader cold calls, always check whether they are members of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme or the Government Trust Mark scheme.

Inspector Connor said: “We urge people to always check the identity of anyone knocking at their door. Phone the company they say they are representing and confirm they are legitimate. Genuine callers won’t mind. If you are in any doubt ask them to come back at a time when you have a chance to have someone with you.

“If you want work done, discuss it with a friend or family member who can help you find a reputable trader.

“Don’t agree to any work or sign anything on the spot. Don’t be pressured into having any work carried out and never pay cash up front and or go to the bank or cash point with a trader.”


The man was described as being white, of a slim build and wearing a dar”-coloured jacket with the word Harcour on the back. He had an Irish accent.

If you recognise the description please call Kent Police on 01843 222289 or Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 quoting reference number 05-0905.

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