Prolific Broadstairs burglar David Gallacher jailed

Behind Bars: David Gallacher

A career criminal who denied trying to burgle a house, despite being caught reaching through a smashed door panel, has been jailed for 15 months.

David Gallacher, 47, of no current fixed address, was arrested in Broadstairs Road, Broadstairs, on Saturday 9 September 2017.

At 7.20am a resident noticed Gallacher acting suspiciously outside his neighbour’s house. When he went outside to investigate he found Gallacher reaching through a smashed glass panel in the front door. He confronted him before calling the police.

During interview Gallacher denied intending to burgle the property but admitted smashing the door panel. He claimed to have had an argument with his girlfriend and needed somewhere to sleep, and told officers he believed the house was empty.

However, the jury at Canterbury Crown Court heard how Gallacher had a lengthy criminal record including a number of convictions for burglary. They found him guilty yesterday (Monday 5 March).

Detective Sergeant Heidi Collins of Kent Police said: “David Gallacher has proven himself to be a dishonest man who cares little about the impact his crimes have had on his many victims over the years.

“His fanciful story about needing somewhere to sleep was quite rightly rejected by the jury, who saw him for what he is – a prolific burglar.

“On this occasion it was fortunate that the person whose home Gallacher targeted had a public-spirited neighbour who made the brave decision to confront a criminal and ensure he was not allowed to get away with what he had done.”

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  1. You can see from its smirk that getting caught is nothing more than an occupational hazard. Fifteen months? The creature will be out in the New Year.

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