Number Day fun at Cliftonville primary raises cash for NSPCC

Pupils at Cliftonville Primary Number Day event

Pupils at Cliftonville Primary School have taken part in a national number day and raised money for the NSPCC.

The youngsters took part in the event on Friday (February 2).

During the preceding week the children had been working on measuring challenges to practise and improve their measuring skills.

The classes were challenged to make the longest line of 5p and 10p coins. The generosity of the Cliftonville community was incredible with classes bringing in huge piles of coins and placing them in long lines.

On Number Day pupils came to school dressed in numbers, with some combining the number theme with measuring. One girl spent the entire day with a measuring jug balanced on her head!

A school spokesman said: “At Cliftonville we try very hard to ensure our children to enjoy mathematics and Number Day certainly gives us opportunity to do this. The children put so much effort into their costumes, with many creating them themselves by decorating tee shirts.

“They think hard, applying classroom learning when doing this, and enjoy being able to challenge others with their costume creations. For example, one child on his tee shirt had written as many equivalents to 50% as he could think of and spent the day challenging others to see the links on his costume.

“Number Day presents the school with a great opportunity to have fun with numbers while at the same time supporting such a worthwhile charity as the NSPCC. We are pleased to say that we raised just over £700 for the NSPCC which is a great achievement – well done Cliftonville!”