Thanet council issues palm oil warning

Palm oil warning

A warning has been issued to dog walkers today (February 7) after the discovery of yet more palm oil on Thanet beaches .

An alert has been put out on social media and the Thanet council website and warning notices have been put up along the coastline.

There have been reported sightings at Botany Bay and St Mildred’s Bay.

Palm oil deposits, which are white lumpy substances, have been occurring more frequently following winter storms over the last couple of years, and may be better described as ‘mineral and vegetable oils’ – as palm oil is only one type.

Palm Oil is toxic to dogs. The yellow/white boulders of congealed oil smell similar to diesel. The high toxin count of the oil leads to vomiting and diarrhoea and can be fatal.

If you believe your dog has been in contact with the substance and are concerned about their health, contact your vet as soon as possible.

Thanet council monitors the isle’s beaches and will remove the substance from affected areas when detected.

Council officers are currently inspecting Thanet’s coastline and cleansing teams have been alerted should there be any deposits.

If anyone comes across what they expect to be palm oil or any other harmful substance, please contact the council with as much information as possible – location, photo, size/quantity, and if it has been removed from the beach.
Any sightings should be reported to the council on 01843 577000.


  1. Palm Oil is very dangerous to dogs Thanet Council website and social media is hardly the place for such a highly important issue.
    Should be placed in local press and local TV

  2. If it is so toxicand harmful to dogs why is it in so much food e.g bread biscuits margarine and used instead of vegetable oil

  3. Palm oil comes from huge tree plantations in tropical countries. If planted on already- used agricultural land,the trees might be a benefit to local people. But too many unscrupulous companies just clear out pristine tropical forest that people rely on, and plant rows of trees that wreck local economies. So there is maximum damage in the country of origin, then danger to dogs and humans in the receiving country. Big profits for the Corporations involved in food manufacture, though!

  4. Can anyone tell me if the palm oil situation is under control, as I was planning a break at southerners beach, and is it safe for children to play in the sand?

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