Bromstone pupils officially ‘open’ new school zebra crossing

The crossing is now officially 'open'

A new zebra crossing outside Bromstone Primary School in Broadstairs has been officially opened by pupils.

Kent County Council installed the crossing to make it safer for children crossing the busy Pysons Road.

Executive head teacher Sue Collins said: “We are grateful to Kent County Council for building the crossing because of the safety benefits it will bring to the school and wider community.

“As a school, we recognise the physical limitations of the local area which leads to traffic problems and pollution, hence the school gates are open for longer in the mornings and departure times in the afternoon are staggered.

“Additionally, we are currently working in partnership with a local company with the aim of providing a walking bus service which will utilise the new crossing on the route.”

Among those attending Wednesday’s Bromstone’s Junior Road Safety Representatives opening were Grace, Isabelle, Jasmine and Nicole.

Kent Road Safety were also in attendance and have been working with the school teaching pupils the importance of staying safe whilst walking to school.

KCC’s Schemes Project Manager Michelle Matthews said: “We’re so pleased that we have been able to fund this important safety feature for the children, their parents and the local community.

“We know this is something they have been asking for and it’s great that we were able to secure funding for this important crossing.”

The scheme was funded by the Local Transport Plan and took approximately three weeks to complete