Chilton pupils explore the stories of ‘Champions of Courage’

Chilton pupils have been studying stories of courage

Children at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate are being inspired by men and women who have demonstrated different types of courage against the odds.

Pupils across the school have been researching the life stories behind a range of determined individuals for whom courage was a by-word.

Each year group from Year 1 to 5 explored a different Champion of Courage, learnt about their background and the way they faced their own adversity, and then wrote about them in the role of that person.

The champions included civil rights activists Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, women’s rights champion Eva Peron, athlete Jesse Owens who campaigned against racial bigotry and poverty, and anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela.

Head of School Kate Law introduced the project to her pupils, which culminated with an exhibition of colourful information boards on display in the main hall.

Mrs Law said: “Courage is one of our core values at Chilton and the children focussed on people who have demonstrated great courage during their lives in a range of different ways.

“It gave them the opportunity to explore the theme on a global scale and to see these important individuals’ place in our history and how their actions and beliefs still resonate today.

“They learnt important lessons about equality and standing up for what you believe in. Their work and the exhibition was of high quality.”

Beside the exhibition stands Chilton’s Tree of Courage. The brightly coloured structure is adorned with tags that highlight individual acts of courage shown by pupils on a daily basis.

Mrs Law added: “The tree acknowledges and celebrates how every day each of us show courage in so many different ways.”