Owner’s plea for help to find exotic cat missing from its Ramsgate home

Amber has been missing since December 27

The Ramsgate owner of an exotic cat which has been missing since December 27 is appealing for help to find her.

Amber is a one-year-old, Savannah cat which has gone missing from North Avenue.

Owner Curt Anderton only had the cat for four weeks before she went missing so is doubtful that she will find her way home.

Amber has been spotted scavenging in the bins in the High Street near the Oriental Chef takeaway and on December 30/31 was seen in Chapel Place.

On January 4 the cat was spotted again in the High Street and ran into the charity shop. Unfortunately, she ran off.

Amber is a small and nervous cat. Curt is worried she will not be able to survive the cold weather and hazards, such as traffic and foxes.

She is posted as missing on TALC, Missing Cats and Kittens and the New Thanet Chat. Facebook pages as well as with animal charity Harvey’s Army.

If you spot Amber call Curt on 07506 767 063 or Harvey’s Army on 07833 727 975