Council obtains court order to remove squatters from St Peter’s garages

Norman Road

Squatters have been moved on from garages in St Peter’s.

Thanet council served a trespass notice on a homeless group who had been using the site in Norman Road after being alerted to the situation in October.

When the group continued to stay at the garages the authority applied to the courts for a possession order.

A Thanet council spokesman said: “That order was granted on Tuesday 2 January and gives the council the ability to prevent the buildings from being occupied again prior to demolition. There is planning permission in place for Thanet District Council to build homes on the site.”

The garages were vacated by the group  before they were served with the possession order.

Thanet council is currently operating the winter shelter scheme for people who are sleeping rough on the isle.

A council spokesman said: “Our community safety and housing teams engaged with them, advised them of their rights and offered advice and information in terms of welfare. Porchlight helped with possible ways for them to gain accommodation.”

Development plan

The site is to be used for two 3-bed semi-detached houses, each with parking and external amenity space.

The properties are to be let at affordable rent rates.

The housing is part of a £2.5million first phase housing scheme. A total of three phases are planned.

Phase 1, which includes the Norman Road garages, will be the redevelopment of five sites in Margate and St. Peters, Broadstairs. The redevelopment will provide 11 units on parcels of land currently or historically providing blocks of garages. These are to be a mixture of flats, houses and bungalows.

All homes will meet the HCA Design Standard and Lifetime Homes standards to provide accessible and convenient accommodation for a wide range of the population, from households with young children to older people, and individuals with temporary or permanent physical or sensory impairment.

Construction begins this year. Thanet council has appointed WW Martin to carry out the work.