Broadstairs’ family’s near miss as strong winds fell 35ft tree

Dave Walker's children and friends play on the felled tree

A Broadstairs family  had a narrow escape this morning (January 3) when a 35ft Eucalyptus tree was felled in their back garden by strong winds.

Five small children had been playing outside just minutes earlier but were safely in the house when they saw the tree fall, destroying the fence and covering the garden area almost completely.

The youngsters’ dad and Upton teacher Dave Walker said: “Neither the removal of the tree or the repairs to the fencing will be covered by our insurance, but that’s insignificant compared to what might have happened had we all still been outside.

“We so count ourselves incredibly fortunate. The tree has stood for well over 40 years and has seen much stronger winds than this, so it was a huge surprise to see it fall. Luckily everyone’s OK and we’ll look back on it as a kind of adventure.”

Dave’s children Athena ,9, Aurora,7, Aria,5, Orlando,4, and one-year-old Ariana   had fun playing on the felled tree with their friends while their parents arranged for it to be removed!

Weather warning

A Met Office yellow weather warning is currently still in place with strong winds predicted to continue through much of today.

Storm Eleanor is now over the North Sea and although gales are not expected to be as strong as last night, it has left a swath of strong winds in its wake. Some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport are expected with some journeys taking longer.

Delays for high-sided vehicles on exposed routes and bridges are also possible, and there is also the potential for some short term loss of power supplies.