Hilderstone Radio Club: Youth on the Air

Ian Lowe helping the pupils to communicate to hams in Europe.

Pupils at Wellesley House school in Broadstairs had a surprise change to their lessons when they celebrated Youth on the Air.

The nationwide special event throughout December showcases amateur radio communications. Last year they were lucky enough to be selected to use amateur radio to speak to astronaut Tim Peake while he was on board the International Space Station.

Phil Challans helping the pupils to find the hidden transmitter

At the latest event children had fun speaking to other amateur radio enthusiasts across Europe, in Poland, Italy, Majorca, Ukraine, Greece, Hungary and Portugal. Another activity was to send and receive Morse code messages to each other, work out how to find a hidden transmitter using triangulation and how to use professional radios.

The children had a great time as did the teachers. Head of Science Miss Wallace said: “It is a brilliant and fun way for the children to see that what they learn in lessons is useful for technology.”

Miss Wallace and science teacher Mr Waldie are now keen to obtain their amateur radio licence.

If you would like to learn more about amateur radio contact the Hilderstone Radio Club’s secretary at [email protected]