Birchington teenager jailed for homophobic attack on two women

Behind bars: Tyler Crane

A Birchington teenager has been jailed for carrying out a homophobic attack in Margate.

On  Sunday 6 August two women were walking in Grosvenor Hill in Margate when they were approached by a group of people.

One of the group, Tyler Crane, confronted the victims with homophobic abuse before swinging a wooden plank with embedded nails at them.

The group closed in on the victims and assaulted them. Crane was seen to drag one of the victims along the ground by her hair before punching her.

She suffered bruises as a result of the attack.

Crane also stole the other victim’s bag which contained a mobile phone, bankcard, glasses and other personal items.

Following an investigation by Kent Police, Crane was identified by local officers as being the main suspect and he was arrested in September.

At Canterbury Crown Court, Crane, of The Parade, Birchington, admitted the charges of the hate crime-aggravated assault by beating, affray, possession of an offensive weapon, and theft.

Crane  was sentenced to 18 months in a youth offenders institute on Friday (November 17)

Investigating officer Detective Constable Steve East said: “This was an unprovoked, nasty attack on a couple by someone who was behaving as if he was a big deal, but in reality he just had small-minded, hateful views.

“Hate crimes can be so distressing for the victims so it’s important for our officers to bring the offenders responsible for those crimes to justice, as it sends out a clear message that  such behaviour is not acceptable.”


  1. Not true the woman if u can call them that attacked first find it amazing how things can b so incorrectly reported n lies b spread

    • The details are sent directly from the police/court. This is the evidence that was accepted. Nothing has been twisted, it has been published using the details that a court accepted after a guilty plea. I’m sure there is a counter argument but it doesn’t appear to have been said, or at least accepted, by the court. I also understand it must be distressing to have a family member in this position but he pleaded guilty so must have accepted some responsibility for what happened.

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