Fundraiser launched for Margate Cecil Square Christmas tree

A fundraiser has been launched after it was revealed Margate’s Cecil Square will not get a Christmas tree this year.

The town’s tree, which is funded by the Margate mayor and charter trustees, will instead be placed in the Old Town.

The decision means Cecil Square will be bare. The blow follows last year’s “shambolic” tree that was put in place with just one string of lights.

The display was so appalling that local companies, including Falcon Electrical and Security Ltd, Off The Hook Productions,  DAM High Access, Goodwins Power Tools Margate, and CommunityAd Web Ltd  and residents including schoolgirl Mia Kirkden got together to decorate and light the tree properly.

Falcon co-director Louis Mayhew organised a switch on event, with Mia (both pictured below) doing the honours, which was attended by crowds of people.

Now Mr Mayhew has stepped in again, vowing that Margate will get a tree in Cecil Square.

The 24 year old said: “Over my dead body will Margate not have a fully lit decorative tree.

“Whether I have to pay for it or not, it’s a tradition I started last year and Fakcon will not disappoint. A donations page to get a tree is set up and the lights will be supplied and fitted by us.”

The fundraising page, created by Rachel Hamlin, Louis and Kelly Stacey, aims to hit a £1,200 target.

On the page Rachel says: “We need £2000 to get the tree and erect it and put lights on. Cecil Square has never not had a tree. Even if it’s only a small amount please donate so we can keep the tradition going.”

To donate click here


  1. So something that has been done for years is to change on the whim of the Mayor. Well at least the locals know where we stand today then don’t we. Think we need to make our Square the centre of all that goes on for Christmas, perhaps a choir would give their time to hold a Christmas Carol Service and maybe a shop will help us by reducing the price of a tree which may not be as big as usual but will be decorated for the love of our town. Be ashamed of yourself and I hope you enjoy YOUR Tree on YOUR patch.

  2. Nothing to do with the whim of the Mayor! Thanet District Council used to supply the Cecil Square tree, but this stopped some years ago. The Margate Charter Trustee’s with the Mayor from last year, paid for the tree. When it came to be lit up, the new lights from previous year had disappeared, hence they were left with…. 1 string!
    It was then that Louis Mayhew approached the Mayor and to everyone’s delight volunteered his Company, and put on a really splendid show all round Cecil Square.
    If he can repeat last years efforts, it will be down to him and his Company, and worker’s.
    Support Louis Please, come and sing ‘Carols’ around the tree, bring your kids to witness this, the holiest of Christian Ceremonies.

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