Emptying of the Walpole Bay Tidal Pool reveals a bounty of marine life

Marine life in the tidal pool Photo Thanet Coast Project

Volunteer coastal wardens and guardians with the Thanet Coast Project have had a chance to see marine life up close this week.

The team have carried out the six-monthly emptying of the Walpole Bay Tidal Pool as part of its general maintenance.

The pool is four acres in size and contains seven million gallons of seawater. It is bigger than the two largest listed seawater lidos, Penzance and Lymington. It is 137m long and 2.13m deep at the seaward end.

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During the draining a bounty of creatures were revealed.

Marine life included a lobster in berry (eggs), britlestars, shannys, sea urchins, shore crabs, spider crabs, gobies, peacock worms, sponges of all sorts of colours, white looking long-clawed porcelain crabs, spider crabs, eels. bootlace worm….and many more!

Photo Thanet Coast Project

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