Road closed in Cliftonville following reports of boy hit by a car

Photo Ann-Marie Wing

Emergency services have been called to Cliftonville this evening (October 24).

A boy is reported to have been hit by a vehicle in Northdown Road – close to the Golden Curry.

Part of the road has been closed and cars are currently being diverted along Athelstan Road.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called to a collision involving a van and a pedestrian in Northdown road at 7.48pm.

“The South East Coast Ambulance Service also attended and the pedestrian, a teenage boy, was taken to a local hospital for treatment to a leg injury.”



  1. There are always near misses in this area of Northdown Road due to no Pedestrian crossing located there. This is a very busy area of the street for people crossing the road with high residential and commercial premises. Several serious incidents have occured over the past couple of years alone and if nothing is done this will eventually turn to fatal. KCC need to look at their figures and put a crossing in between Athelstan and Dalby Roads.They already know about this problem as they keep getting told.

  2. I got hit just by the bus stop by Eat-a-Pizza in Northdown Road on the 15th of this month. I broke my left clavical bone or shoulder and broke my right shoulder and my right shoulder ball and socket were completely separated. I had an operation on my right shoulder on Monday this week and it turns out that my right shoulder wasn’t just broken and it turns out that my right shoulder ball and socket weren’t just separated, my right shoulder was shattered. The operation was meant to be two hours long but ended up being four hours long. The woman that hit me said to the police that she was only doing 25-30mph but I believe that 30mph would not have done that much damage.

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