The tale of Antigone comes to the Theatre Royal events

Photo Alex Brenner

A new adaptation of the Sophocles’ ancient Greek classic Antigone comes to Margate this month.

The Actors of Dionysus reimagine the tragedy in a dystopian landscape, where fate is written in code and drones flock across the skies.

The tale follows Antigone in the aftermath of a violent battle as she takes a stand for her beliefs and comes up against the authority of new ruler Creon.

Photo Alex Brenner

Director Tamsin Sasha said: “At the heart of this production is the company’s desire to challenge audience perceptions and transform ancient themes into relevant, urgent and powerful theatre. We want this intrinsic part of our dramatic heritage to remain accessible to modern audiences.”

The show is suitable for those aged 14 and over

Antigone will be staged at the Theatre Royal on November 3 at 7.30pm.

Full Price £14
FOMT £12
Schools £10
Booking fees – 50p per ticket in person/phone. £1.50 per ticket online

To book call 01843 292795 or click here