Emergency services called to Ramsgate crash

Emergency services

Police, ambulance and the air ambulance have been called following a crash in Ramsgate.

It is understood a motorbike and a car collided in Stirling Way. The road is currently taped off.

The air ambulance has landed at Jackey Bakers’ playing fields.

Police and air ambulance have been contacted for further details


  1. Kathy Bailes should not be posting this so soon, this is terrible reporting, I suspect members of the family were not even aware before reading the news.

    How would you like hearing something had happened to Jake in the news, before you had even been told.


    • Police incidents are reported because people are aware of them and asking what has happened. No sensitive details that are yet to be officially confirmed are contained in the report despite being on social media and won’t be until police make a statement.That is responsible reporting.Please don’t assume I do not have empathy for the family because I do having sadly been in the same position with my brother many years ago. Sadly I often know the people involved in these tragic incidents which is why I am monitoring the facebook comments on the news page to hide any that talk about details I have not yet published.

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