Emergency services called to a wall collapse in Ramsgate

The wall collapse Photo Trevor Shonk

Police and fire crews have been called out following a wall collapse in Ramsgate.

Crews were called this morning (October 3) to the incident in an alleyway off North Avenue.

Ramsgate mayor Trevor Shonk was at the scene. He said: “The wall collapsed in a school route for many children.

“Luckily no-one was hurt  and it is just a clearing up job. Thankfully police and the fire brigade are dealing with it.”

A KFRS spokesman said: “Firefighters were called at 10.36am to North Road, Ramsgate following the collapse of a brick wall into an adjacent alleyway.

“A fire engine and KFRS’s technical rescue team attended and used a thermal imaging camera and specialist search camera to confirm that no one was trapped under the rubble.

“Crews left the scene at 12.28pm when the duty of care was passed to Kent Police and the local authority. There were no reported casualties.”

The council’s building control and highways has been informed.