Thanet’s dog DNA scheme has been axed

The dog PSPO has been approved

A dog DNA scheme launched in Thanet to trap owners who fail to clear up after their pets has been ditched.

The three-month pilot launched in July.

The scheme, already in use in the US, Canada, Israel and Singapore, meant swabs could be taken from pet’s cheeks at the same time as microchipping. A test would then link owners with dog fouling that has not been cleared up.

The idea was to target irresponsible owners who let their dogs foul and do not bag and bin it.

But take up of the scheme, which cost £5,000 to set up and involved a £40 registration fee for participants, was low.

Thanet council deputy leader Lin Fairbrass said:“Take up of the pilot was relatively low to realise some of the benefits expected so we will not be rolling it out permanently.”

The council says there were also discussions about the administration process in light of the new European personal data regulations.

The scheme was criticised by The Kennel Club which questioned how the local authority would plan to enforce the registration scheme properly with only one enforcement officer, as is currently the case.


  1. Was this scheme ever likely to work locally. ? Whilst all dogs must be microchipped one wonders how many owners actually do this even for a free chip? Unless its necessary to take a dog to the vets many people won’t have this carried out.

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