Nursery pupils make big strides at Newington primary school

Little ones at Newington nursery

Children as young as three years old are already making a strong start at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

Just weeks into the term and the little ones in the nursery are taking big steps into structured play and learning during their three-hour daily sessions.

Parents are already noticing how their children are embracing their new world. Claire Cullen said: “It is amazing how much my son has taken to nursery. It is a vital step and he is encouraged to be expressive and learn through play.

“There is so much to occupy his time and I know he is in a safe and caring environment.”

Melanie Anderson agreed: “My youngest daughter is following in the footsteps of her two older sisters.

“All of my children absolutely loved the nursery and my youngest can’t wait to get to school each day – at the weekends she is upset because she cannot go and misses it. She had made friends and it is clear that she is already broadening her skills.

“The nursery team are caring and friendly and a warm welcome is always waiting for the children and families. If there are any problems they do their level best to sort it out for you.

“I brought my children to the school’s parent and toddler group which is pre-nursery, so the next step for them was easy.”

Ofsted inspectors have graded the nursery provision at Newington as outstanding, as they did with all features of the school. The report last Spring stated: “Children get off to an excellent start to their school life in both the nursery and reception classes.

“All groups of children make good or rapid progress socially, emotionally and academically from starting points that are typically well below those that are expected for their age.”

The nursery is celebrating its tenth anniversary of opening this year.

Head teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Nursery education is a crucial building block for the future of our children’s education.

“It is a challenging time for children and their families but they all adapt so well and settle very quickly. I think sometimes people underestimate just what Nursery children are capable of, but in our experience they show marked development socially and educationally quite quickly.

“Our parents are encouraged to come into the Nursery and work alongside the children as the important relationship between home and school develops.

“It is fantastic that our nursery pupils are already experiencing the basics of reading, writing and Maths, as they explore through learning and fun.”