Photos: Greenpeace campaigners target car carrier ship off the coast at Margate

Kent Police RIB and protesters in water beside the car carrier Photo Mark Stanford

An isle photographer has captured the scene of a ship being targeted by Greenpeace campaigners off the coast at Margate today (September 21).

The Elbe Highway was boarded by the environmental protesters this morning who wanted to stop the unloading of its VW cargo at Sheerness.

Photo Mark Stanford

The craft, unable to dock at Sheerness, had to instead anchor off Margate where photographer Mark Stanford caught it on film.

The group were protesting at ‘toxic’ diesel vehicles being brought into the UK. More than 20 Greenpeace volunteers in kayaks and boats surrounded the 23,000 tonne ship attempting to block Volkswagen cars entering the UK.

The Greenpeace craft Photo Mark Stanford

They drew up alongside the huge car carrier at sea at 9am today. Kent Police aboard a RIB were also at the scene.

Kent Police Photo Mark Stanford

Simultaneously, 41 volunteers scaled the fences at Sheerness port– the intended destination of the ship –and gained access to the vehicle park, where several thousand VW cars were awaiting distribution to suppliers.

Activists atop the stern ramp preparing to unfurl their banner. Photo Mark Stanford

In 2015 VW admitted using software to cheat on emissions tests.

Photo Mark Stanford

An eyewitness to the drama off the coast said: “The VW ship that Greenpeace have attached themselves to is off the coast outside Forts Cafe. It was trying to manoeuvre to keep the protesters from getting on board.”

The vessel is currently still anchored off the Margate coast.


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