Dreamland founder descendant David Sanger’s plea place to set up camp this Winter

Dave Sanger and his horses are being helped by the commuity

A descendant of Victorian star Lord George Sanger, the founder of Dreamland predecessor, the Hall By The Sea, is facing eviction from land at Manston.

David Sanger, 54, travelled more than 300 miles this Summer to lead the Margate carnival with members of his travelling show – the last horse-drawn show in the UK. Once here there were issues with a site to stay on and the theft of a bike from one of the troupe.

But the trip, which involved 100 miles to get to Stonehenge and then another 200 miles from there to Margate, means his stallion horse suffered some strains and cannot manage another journey until he is healed.

David has been staying with his four horses and two wagons at land off Spitfire Way but has been told by the landowner that he must move on.

David said: “I have been given a commission to build a Gypsy caravan and need to be in one place to do it.

“After the journey my stallion needs time to recover. He had the chiropractors, vets, and needs time to get right. He is 16 years old and my best friend so I have to do everything I can for him.

At the carnival Photo Frank Leppard

“It means that although I have been offered land in the South I can’t get there, he can’t make the journey.

“I have been in Manston and everyone there talks to me and is happy for the extra eyes and ears but the landowner wants me to move. I don’t want to cause anyone any trouble.

“I would go on the roadside, it’s sort of what I do, but I have got to build a wagon.

“I’ve always worked and I am happy to consider anything. I just need to start work on this soon and need somewhere while I do that.”

The income is vital for David as the travelling show season has now ended. Ideally he is hoping for somewhere he can stay over the Winter months.

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