Ramsgate Youth FC invites little ones to join the team

Ramsgate Youth under 8s team

A new under 8’s youth football team is looking for players.

Ramsgate Youth FC is a small team with a passion for fun and development.

Training on Tuesdays and Fridays between 6pm and 7pm at the Jackey Baker ground, coaches work with their young team on all aspects of the sport.

The team is run by fathers Dean Adams, who is assistant manager and coach, and manager and coach Matthew Chadband. The pair believe in not only training future stars in a sport they enjoy, but also in helping them to develop and understand different aspects of the game.

As well as the two training sessions they offer during the week, they also organise friendly league matches on Saturdays-which they happily encourage families to attend to cheer their little ones on.

Dean and Matthew are now on the lookout for new players to train and play matches. They are also happy to cater for those who just want to train at the sessions, with no obligation or pressure to play in the matches.

Training sessions are £3 per child, and to take part in matches it’s £3.50.

The first  session is free, giving parents and children the opportunity to see if the sessions are something they want to go forward with. There is no obligation to continue.

Contact Dean on 07764284285 or Matthew on 07544347825 to sign up and for further information.

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