Attempts to get a new date for a 300ft waterslide in Ramsgate have hit another glitch

Photo Bristol City Council

Efforts to get a 300ft waterslide to Ramsgate on a new date after its cancellation during the Ramsgate Festival have hit another glitch.

Organisers vowed to find a way to get the creation to the town after 180 people who had been successful in a ballot to get a free go on the slide were let down by announcement that it had not been delivered.

The no-show centred around a disagreement over payment. Ramsgate Festival had paid 50% up front and expected to pay the rest on delivery but supplier Bloon said they wanted full payment before it was delivered.

Festival organisers have since been trying to arrange a meeting with Bloon but say they have been put off again.

Another cancellation

A spokesman said: “After the company failed to deliver the goods or services on Sunday 30 July, notifying us at 11pm the evening before the event was due to take place, we requested to visit them at their headquarters in Staffordshire to see our slide, make the final payment and bring it back to Ramsgate for future use.

“We proposed making this visit on Tuesday 2 August but were advised, via email, that 8 August, today, would be the earliest the company could allow us access to their workshop. Yesterday, 7th August, the supplier sent us an email which cancelled this visit, stating that they ‘can’t hold a demonstration tomorrow’ and ‘will be in touch as soon as possible’.

“We are planning our next steps and remain committed to delivering the Ramsgate Slide event to the town at a future date.”

Bloon MD Adam Faulkner said the company will be making no further statements “pending legal action to recover our monies.”

Anyone with any further questions or information to share is asked to email [email protected], for attention of Teresa Askew, festival director.