Labour takes Margate Central in by-election

Ian Venables

Labour’s Ian Venables won the Margate Central seat in yesterday’s (August 3) by-election.

Ian reportedly took 58% of the poll with 454 votes. Tory challenger Reece Pugh polled 190.

The election saw a 21%  turn out.

Ian Venables Labour 454

John Finnegan Lib Dems 33

Bernard Kirkham Greens 23

Dean McCastree Independent 24

Liz Plewis UKIP 52

Reece Pugh Conservative 190

Pip Rees Independent 13

The result further contributes to the hung council at Thanet where UKIP lost the majority after Beverly Martin‘s defection to the Conservative Party last month.

The council now has 27 UKIP; 21 Conservative; 6 Labour; 2 Independent Group councillors, making a total of 56.